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Sidney vs. Ovie

May 5, 2009

This is the epic semifinal matchup in the east.

Pens vs Caps.

Caps vs Pens.

Playmaker vs pure-scorer/does everything player.

Sid may be the person you want to start a team with, because he gets assists and scores, but ovie also gets assists, scores, sets a physical presence, and is much stronger and whines less.

You can tell who i like in this matchup.

But tonight they both played evenly.

3 goals a piece

I couldn’t find whether this has happened before or not, so i’m going to assume it never has.

2 opponents getting hat tricks in the same playoff game.

the first playoff hat trick for each just so you know.

But now we know who actually has teammates.

Ovie, because he didn’t do 100% of the scoring.

just 75%.

Plus ovie celebrates more, and his are more fun.

the board slam is classic.

even something he does that is normal is so much cooler because it’s him.

and i have ovie’s t-shirt jersey and not sid’s.

nothing against sid, he’s a great player and is awful at growing facial hair, but he’s no fun.

Grow a beard, lose a tooth, drive over 200 mph in a new car, come from russia, stop whining.

all things sid should ddo that ovie does.

look at this feeble attempt at growing facial hair. I can do that.

look at this feeble attempt at growing facial hair. I can do that.

^^^^^^^^^^^ This is the reason the pens lost!!

ovie is the man.


Too Much Semin for the Rangers

April 29, 2009

As provacative and innappropriate the title sounds, it’s actually true.

Alexander Semin, a legit player for the Caps, scored the Caps first goal and was a huge part in the series and especially the game 7 win.

Sergei Fedorov put in a beautiful goal, and ovie had the impact he always does even if he didn’t score.

The player of the series is either Semin or the goalie, Simeon Varlamov.

So Semin did get a lucky deflection, but the presence he played in this series basically repaid him for it by having the puck ricochet in off someone’s skate.

Now the caps go off to play the pens because of a super late upset by the Carolina Hurricanes.

They netted 2 goals in just over a minute at the end of the game.

So now the series begins….

Sidney vs. Ovie.

Malkin vs. Semin.

Valramov vs. Fleury.

I still like the caps in this series, but the pens can surely ruin the run if they perform.

"How can a guy named Semin dominate us so much? It just doesn't seem right..."

"How can a guy named Semin dominate us so much? It just doesn't seem right..."

In that picture the florida players are the one saying the quote if that wasn’t obvious.

But i still find it ironic his name is semin.

It can be pronounced the gross way, or sem-inn.

The TV announcers prefer sem-inn just so they don’t have to say the other way on tv.

good choice, but man up right quick.

say semin.

Oh yeah, sharks lose, so hawks and detroit will battle it out in the west finals.

the wings better lose.

If the blackhawks and the caps get into the finals i’ll be the happiest little boy ever.

Young guns and some of my favorite players in the game.

The bulin wall especially.

I’m excited

here’s why caps will win it all:



Add Varlamov to the list.

I’m pretty sure he’s a rook.

The Life of Alexander Ovechkin

April 22, 2009

It’s not just hockey.

It’s chilling with the super hot ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols for E:60.

Let’s just say i’m a little jealous.

She gets to ride in his car, and later asks him how fast he goes in it.

“I go about uhh 160 in the car. When I near my house and stuff.”

That’s a rough direct quote

is there such a thing?


but that’s a rough direct quote of what he says.

And she proceeds to tell him very attractively that it’s illegal and frowned upon(she’s so cute when she follows the rules).

But the first 4 minutes of the video is just a bunch of clips from Ovey.

And every one is as amazing as the last.

He then tries to teach Rachel a move, and then the movie cuts off.


Apparently it’s ovey’s fav move, but i don’t see if rachel pulls it off.

probz cuz when she did she hurt him and that’s why ovey and his caps were struggling in the playoffs.

Now they’re on a roll and gonna win the series anyway.

But the sharks???

Jumbo Joe is being as good as he always is, which is awful.

But they’ll ride the young, huffing and puffing Cheechoo train to victory.

after going down 0-3.

just to make history cuz they know it’s cool.

"This is skate. I put on feet to go 160 mph on ice. Not land. This is gold medal to show i am number one in hockey. I have a missing toof and look better wiffout it. Ask welikesportz."

"This is skate. I put on feet to go 160 mph on ice. Not land. This is gold medal to show i am number one in hockey. I have a missing toof and look better wiffout it. Ask welikesportz."

Yeah, he looks better without that tooth,

it adds to his b.a.ness

just like timmy tim lincecum and his bad teeth.

Both are young superstars who i love

see a theme/??

one of the many biddies. Without a tooth, i'll have you know.

one of the many biddies. Without a tooth, i'll have you know.

and finally……



no caption needed.

i‘m raps wayne gretzky, yes i’m the best and only 22 like alex ovechkin

what greatness

thank you asher.

you are greatness, 4/20.

NHL Playoffs

April 15, 2009

I’m going to break down or breakdown the matchups all the way to the stanley cup.

Don’t thank me, i’m doing it for myself.


Montreal and Boston.

Boston is th3 1 seed, but they go second in that sentence.

boston in 5.

washington vs new york rangers.

obeyknh (obeyknh is ovechkin in russian, i will use that a lot in this article) will put the team on his back and drop his flaming stick after a record 20 goals in one series.

caps in 6.

NJ and carolina.

dont care, brodeur is old but he’ll still win.

pittsburgh vs philly.

people’s matchup.

Let’s just say evgeni the genie told me he was gonna keep outshining sid the disgracefulkid

pitt in 7.

now to the west.

san jose vs anaheim.

sharks in 3.

sharks are so dominant anaheim will just quit after 3 games.

detroit (pronounce de-twa) vsĀ  columbus.

detroit sounds french.

columbus actually made the playoffs thanks to rick nash.

detroit in 5.

vancouver vs st louis.

luongo in 5.

luongo because he will carry the ‘nucks(what a sweet nickname) to the 2nd round.

chicago vs calgary.

jarome iginla, please carry your team.

he won’t so patty kane and jonathan toews will win in 6.

eastern 2nd round.

boston vs pitt.

as much as pittsburgh wants to lose in the stanley cup again this year, they won’t

they’ll lose to marky savard of boston in 5 games.

washington vs NJ

washington easy.

although it will be a good matchup to see obeyknh vs marty.

san jose vs chicago.

chicago can make the upset, but sharks are too amazing

sharkies in 7.

vancouver vs detwa

i like vancouver, and i hate detwa.

so i’ll pick the ‘nucks just to pick my first and probably only upset.

‘nucks in 7.

staying in the west, finals is sharks and ‘nucks.

i like the sharks in 6, maybe even 5.

that’s the only fact i don’t know.

back to the east…

washington vs boston.

timmy thomas won’t get smacked by sean avery, but his gaa will get smacked by obeyknh’s flaming hot stick.

washington in 6.

so the stanley cup final will be san jose sharks vs the washington alexander obeyknh’s.

i think obeyknh will beast it up as he always does, and i think he’ll carry his team to drink from lord stanley’s cup.

caps in 7.

so there you go, guaranteed 100% accurate except for the games in the sharks vs ‘nucks series.

if i get that wrong, i’ll be 99.8% right, not 99.9% because i’m tired of listerine saying they’ll kill 99.9% of the germs.

ya right

and if you use it twice do you get that last .1% of the germs.

probz no, because if they can escape one, they can escape two.

so germs in 1 game over listerine.

wait a minute,

nope nevermind.

ovechkin will have 40+ goals in the playoffs.

nearly as many as he had in the reg season.

but he can turn it on when he has to.

and he will.

i hate you listerine...

i hate you listerine...

bring this celebration back

bring this celebration back


back to back pictures with no words in between.

unheard of.

even FS!(lame) can’t pull that off.

but i can and will forever more.