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Sidney vs. Ovie

May 5, 2009

This is the epic semifinal matchup in the east.

Pens vs Caps.

Caps vs Pens.

Playmaker vs pure-scorer/does everything player.

Sid may be the person you want to start a team with, because he gets assists and scores, but ovie also gets assists, scores, sets a physical presence, and is much stronger and whines less.

You can tell who i like in this matchup.

But tonight they both played evenly.

3 goals a piece

I couldn’t find whether this has happened before or not, so i’m going to assume it never has.

2 opponents getting hat tricks in the same playoff game.

the first playoff hat trick for each just so you know.

But now we know who actually has teammates.

Ovie, because he didn’t do 100% of the scoring.

just 75%.

Plus ovie celebrates more, and his are more fun.

the board slam is classic.

even something he does that is normal is so much cooler because it’s him.

and i have ovie’s t-shirt jersey and not sid’s.

nothing against sid, he’s a great player and is awful at growing facial hair, but he’s no fun.

Grow a beard, lose a tooth, drive over 200 mph in a new car, come from russia, stop whining.

all things sid should ddo that ovie does.

look at this feeble attempt at growing facial hair. I can do that.

look at this feeble attempt at growing facial hair. I can do that.

^^^^^^^^^^^ This is the reason the pens lost!!

ovie is the man.