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Celtics vs Magic series

May 13, 2009

This is a pretty good series, and there are many key matchups that determine the series.

I’m here to break down the biggest ones for you.

Don’t thank me, i’m doing it for myself.

Matchup #1

Stephon Marbury vs Anthony Johnson.

The head tat has had it goin on recently, so Starbury has the edge now.

But johnson’s veteran experience, and i mean VETERAN experience, can come through in the clutch in games 6 and 7.

johnson has been in the playoffs 6 times, and 2 of which he played one series.

and he has only been a slight force once.

and starbury had one good game, so this is the key little man matchup in all of the playoffs.

hahahhahahahhahahahaha. what a sweet jersey.

hahahhahahahhahahahaha. what a sweet jersey.

Matchup #2, for the big boys.

Marcin Gortat and Brian Scalabrine.

Both are the definition of big men.

Apparently Gortat is “getting offers from everyone in the leage” says Reggie Miller.

That’s obviously wrong,

i mean have you seen his nose?

nobody wants that nose bringing them down.

But he’s actually played well, so good for him.

Personally, i just straight up down right hate brian scalaweenie.

He looks dumb, shouldn’t wear a headband, and is the big man version of JJ redick(foreshadowing).

His numbers don’t matter because he’s a ginger.

So gortat get’s the nod in this crucial big boy matchup.

This next picture is utterly amazing, like it’ll blow your mind.

oh lord

oh lord


that’s probably the most emphatic no comment ever.

here's the ring that i don't deserve!!!

here's the ring that i don't deserve!!!

and the final matchup: JJ redick vs Eddie House.

I know you’re saying, whoaaaaaaaa welikesportz, those two people are actually good!!

well house is, and jj is ehh.

House is a pure shooter, and i hate his beard with a passion.

jj is pretty much a shooter too, but he has the ability to score on the dribble/layups.

Eddie is afraid of the painted area on the floor and maybe has taken two steps into the arc, not counting cuts.

He actually told doc rivers to not make him run through screens in the paint because he thought he’d get burnt or sucked into it.

Doc referred him to Erick Dampier, who literally sits in the paint for 20 seconds each posession.

They got along poorly.


Steve Nash’s shoes

April 5, 2009

And no, he’s not following the wonderful Starbury and even Al Harrington fad.

He’s not giving sweet shoes away for a low price (i can’t really say that al’s are that sweet though)

But he is using Nike’s “Trash Talk” shoes that are made all 100% of recycled goods.

And yes, the “trash talk” name is legit.

It’s wordplay good enough for fantastik sports or even jason mraz.

I said it, mhm.

But they actually look awesome for shoes that are made of recycled goods.

Here is a picture of them:

These are the shoes. They are pretty tizzy.

These are the shoes. They are pretty tizzy.

Now he did wear these in the All-star games so you may be asking why i’m writing this so late.

But he just started re-wearing them in honor of NBA Green Week.

I also like this idea.

I’m no hippy, but i do enjoy saving the planet in any easy way posible.

It’s good that the NBA is giving this attention too.

Now the only way that Nash could have gotten this idea is from Goran Dragic and Louis Amundson helping him out with the idea.

There’s really no other explanation.

Try and give me one, comment or something.

It’s not going to be as good as Dragic and Amundson.

Irony: do you think a child laborer made Nash’s shoes?