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Cleveland doesn’t think they’re good enough

May 25, 2009

I found a nice video on espn about how good the Cleveland area thinks their teams are.

Even the newscasters have doubt in their beloved Cavaliers.

They even throw out phrases like “we’ll get them next year”

“I’m cancelling my sports illustrated”

and then after they show us some weather, which looks just awful until the upcoming friday, the sports guy goes crazy because he’s obviously watching the game on a tv off to the side.

Remember, this is the game LeBrawn hits a 3 to win with 1 second on the game clock.

He couldn’t care less about the weather.

How rude.

And then after last night’s game, the people probably doubted the cavs even more and assume it’s over after just one loss.

Hopefully they don’t treat baseball the same way.

It’s still a 7 game series folks, don’t give up yet.

Btdubz, Syracuse plays Cornell at 12 central time on espn.

Watch it, and watch my boys tear up the little red.


What the Hell Rocco Baldelli?!?

April 11, 2009

So Rocco Baldelli “was” my idol.

He, cliff floyd and mo vaughn.

All-star lineup, i know.

But now that list is just down to two men.

Cliff and Mo.

Why you ask?

Rocco signed by his own will with the Red Sox.

Nobody in their right mind would do that.

Not after being the only team that beat the BoSux in the playoffs.

He’s now a sellout and has no soul.

He is even on the Rhode Island “mount rushmore” thing that Sportscenter did over the summer.

That was cool, but Rocco didn’t get any tv time so i was upset.

Then to learn my number 1 idol is now on my 2nd least favorite team?

I might die.

I don’t need a future mvp(rocco) learning from a past mvp(dustin tool pedroia) how to “hit the high fastball on mlb 09 the show”.

What a terrible commercial.

I don’t want Rocco to stoop to that level.

He doesn’t need to be “scrappy” or “pesky”.

He needs to be Rocco, which was a beast.

I thought i could at leas trust in Rocco, but now i don’t know what to do.

I can’t trust baseball anymore.

at least he left the tag on the bottom of the hat.

at least he left the tag on the bottom of the hat.

He doesn’t look very happy to be a sellout.

He probably already lost his soul anyway.

this is the way things should be:

how can you not want this??

how can you not want this??

It almost looks like he’s conquering the skyline of Tampa.

But the skyline is just a net for batting practice.

So it works on two levels.

I want the old, smarter rocco back.

Not a soul-less sellout.