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The NBA Finals!!1!

June 4, 2009

Tonight, the anticipated NBA Finals begin.

Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Lakers.

There is so much going on, and i’ll break down EVERYTHING that is important.

If its not on here, don’t worry about it.

Speaking of all those Q’s and not worrying about it, the first big topic is Kobe’s inability to get a title without Shaq.

They won 3 together, and Shaq left and won a 4th with Miami.

Kobe got straight up dommed last year in the finals, and is “looking for revenge”.


Apparently winning a title without Shaq isn’t important to him, he just wants another.

Even Shaq twittered on the subject: “I am saying it today and today only, I want kobe bryant to get number four, spread da word.”

That is a direct quote, not me trying to use ebonics over the computer.

So now that Shaq’s pulling for him he’s automatically going to win right?


Kobe ALWAYS tries to do the opposite of what Shaq says.

Shaq says trade me, Kobe says stay in LA.


Shaq says win title, Kobe says i’ll throw it.

Knowing that, Orlando will win the series.

Call your bookies!

2. Jameer Nelson coming back?!?!

He probably will but play scarce minutes, and I don’t think he should come back.

Stan Van Man has said he doesn’t think him coming back will tinker with the chemistry.

He won’t demolish it, but it will change.

Rafer “Reefer” Alston has been playing well and Anthony Johnson has been doing everything a 50-year-old in disguise can. Not to mention Courtney Lee using Rip Hamilton’s old mask to tear up the game.

Throwing another guard in changes the rotation, even for a little.

They get rest, but a guy who hasn’t played in a few months takes their spot.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

Don’t try to fix the Magic.

They’ll repeat next season with Jameer at the point.

Orlando is a pretty streaky team usually, because if the 3-ball is off, they lose.

But almost every game this postseason they have been on.

Can they keep it up?

Why not, it’s a magical run right now. (Get it?)

I love Mickael Pietrus.

He’s an all-around G.

When lil wayne asks what G is, the answer is Mickael Pietrus.

Just look at the name folks!!!!

is he a fan of 30's as well??

is he a fan of 30's as well??

He can even throw punches with the best of them.

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus of France, wears oversized boxing gloves during a film shoot on media day.

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus of France, wears oversized boxing gloves during a film shoot on media day.

How punny, and I even used the exact caption from the picture on the internet.

Go Mag.

P.S. Fun fact, the Magic have beaten the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

If they beat the Fakers they will have beaten three 60-win teams in one postseason, which has never been done before.

History is on their side.


J.J. Barea

March 12, 2009

We have all read the article in the Dallas Morning News not too long ago about this young, living legend.

He’s a young 25, but mature beyond his years.

We’ve all memorized his stat line, 7.2 points, 2.2 rebs, 3.1 assists, .4 steals, and .1 blocks per game.

He’s got more blocks than Goran Dragic, so we know he’s HOF bound already.

He’s a battler (i see you Dallas Morning News), and he went to Northeastern, a proven school that’s spit out tons of NBA talent.

harry barnes, reggie lewis, rick weitzman.

The list goes on and on.

Oh, you’ve never heard of them?

Well then my presumably young friend, try getting educated on something that matters and then come back to my blog.

I even bought his T-shirt jersey because i know he would be relevant in a matter of time.

Lucky for me, it’s now.

he tore up phoenix last night at the beginning and is the main reason they didn’t lose the first half, let alone the game.

Sure dirk had 34, but only after JJ was so significant he drew countless triple and quadruple teams, even drawing the shaqtus himself(don’t worry about it) onto him.

you’re welcome dirk

-<3- JJ Barea

P.s. get more clutch, i’m tired of carrying this team.

This isn’t word for word what he said, but it has the same idea.

JJ is the future, present, and past of the Mavericks, let alone the NBA.

Yet another 3 pointer downed like i'm sippin dran-o. You're welcome dallas.

Yet another 3 pointer downed like i'm sippin dran-o. You're welcome dallas.

Shaq and Kobe’s Relationship

February 25, 2009

Shaq and Kobe….Kobe and Shaq

First, it’s always Shaq and Kobe

it just rolls off the tongue better

say it aloud and think about it

well, anyways, I was just re-watching the all-star game

yes, i study game film for a meaningless game

i noticed a few things,

first. nobody cares about the actual game

second. Shaq is better at dancing than most of the members of the jabbawockies

third. a flame was rekindled between Shaq and kobe after getting co-mvp

fourth. Shaq sucked in the game. A conspiracy is up to make them friends again. David Stern…I SEE YOU

Conspiracy...Yes, Please

Conspiracy...Yes, Please


The NBA commish wants a dynamic duo back in the NBA

Shaq and Kobe are the best ever…better than Jordan-Rodman


in the recent past, shaq and KOBE ahve had their issues

from stoopid raps to silly comments

A Great Divorce to Alleged Rape

Trades and Trade Rumors

But, There were good times

3 straight championships

best duo ever? I think so, and so should you

Whats to Come?

Shaq and Kobe back together in Phoenix…

Yes, Kobe will be traded for j rich and r lopez (or B. I dont know, theyre twins)

They will continue until shaq decides to become a full time cop

Kobe will ride in the squad car along with Shaq

and will spend their golden years together…

Friends Forever

Friends Forever