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The Raptors just threw away their next season

June 9, 2009

Not like they even had one.

They were 33-49 for the best 3-point shooter in the world last season.

And the best free-throw shooter, and best lincoln high school product.

But they just threw away their best shooter and got another rebounder.

now that they have 3 big me, they’ll be way worse.

And theres nobody on the perimeter for Jose Calderon to pass to.

so they’ll probably win 20-25 games, if they’re lucky.

And then Bosh will leave in the off-season because he’s obviously tired of playing on a trash team.

So they threw away their franchise too.

In the attempt to clear up space for cap room for the super anticipated but won’t be that great 2010 off-season, they threw everything away.

Philly however, wasn’t gonna make a move anyway but now that they have a dangerous shooter on the perimeter for AI and Andre Miller.

And elton brand will stop hurting himself because the legendary Kapono is on his team.

Philly will be about a 4 or 5 seed next season, and will be in the eastern semis or even finals.

Write it down!

That’s my call.

this was the convo where the title A.I. in philly was passed down. How touching

this was the convo where the title A.I. in philly was passed down. How touching


End of Year Awards/ Playoffs

April 16, 2009

I’m gonna do a mondo combo blog on the important end of year awards and playoff predictions.

I’ll start with the important one.

Most Improved Player.

the MIP

Although kevin durant was good last year, he does it all this year.

steal, blocks, scores, assists, and scores on the oklahoma city thunder warnings.

only other competitior is devin harris

went from a decent player to a franchise guard.

Devin Franchise.

it works

Coach of the Year:

Mike Brown?


watching lebrawn do what he do must be sooooo rough.

i’m sorry, do you want me to fan you or anything else while you wait?

how about a coach that did something

Rick Adelman.

took a potential trash team that traded their starting pg and lost tracy mcgrady and his lazy eye.

and they still made the 5 seed and have a great chance of upsetting portland.

but they won’t

Defensive player of the Year:

Dwight howard?


Chris “the Birdman” Andersen?


2.5 blocks a game, and isn’t inconsistent like howard, who either gets 7 or 0

birdman gets 2.5 every night

and how does he get half a block?

don’t worry about it.

6th man

jason terry

it was basically a race to try and talk to terry at the award ceremony as the 2nd man.

2nd? how about TO

travis outlaw.


Derrick Rose is an attractive pick, but not attractive looking.

Brook Lopez is an ugly ogre.

OJ Mayo and Russell Westbrook are beasts, but not quite leaders.

and Eric Gordon only scores.

Derrick by a shaved hair over oj.

If you have a foam finger in this picture, you're ugly. Sorry

If you have a foam finger in this picture, you're ugly. Sorry

and now to the mv3

sorry, mvp

if you want my pick, its d-wade

if u want america’s biased pick, its bron bron

no dis to bronny, but again,

you know how i feel about this.

Now to the playoffs:

Lakers vs. Utah.

Boy do i want utah to win, but lakers are too good.

lakeshow in 6.

Denver vs hornets.

Denver is pretty good, but c-piddy is a beest.

Denver in 7.

San Antone vs Dallas.


dallas in 7.

Portland vs houston

basically a toss-up, i say portland cuz i love brandon roy.

Lakers vs portland

lakers in 4.

dallas vs denver

denver in 5

and then denver beats the lakers in 7 to get to the finals.

now to the east.

cleveland in 4.

doesn’t matter who they play

boston scrapes by chicago, in 6.

orlando beats philly in 6.

Miami Dwyane Wade’s win over atlanta in 6.

i love atlanta, but i think d-wade carries them.

bron vs wade is a great matchup

but bron and his real team wins in 5.

boston loses to orlando because of dwight in 7.

cleveland takes out dwight and the mag in 5.

cleveland vs denver

nobody picked it but me

i like denver and the way they play, but they just can’t get cold.

cleveland in 7.

classic series

and bron and melo duel it out so it’ll be tight.

good job bronny