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So LBJ did get dunked on

July 22, 2009

hahha no not LBJ the president, LBJ the king.

LeBrawn James, that LBJ.

after hearing reports that nike refused to put out the video because it was embarrassing or lebron being afraid of it leaking, a video finally comes out.

And of all places, on

That is the last place you expect something like that to show up on.

Anyway i watched the vid twice and will include it here on the post.t

and to be honest with you, i’m not thoroughly impressed.

yes, jordan did dunk on the lebron james at his own summer camp.

And yes its an accomplishment.

But the dunk itself wasn’t amazing, and neither was lebrons attempt to block it.

LeBron was a help defender on an inbounds play and Jordan “threw down” a two-handed dunk that required little effort.

Don’t get me wrong, props to the kid for the dunk and who was near him on it, but LeBron and Nike shouldn’t throw fits about it because it wasn’t all that embarrassing.

And Kobe shouldn’t poke fun at lebron for being dunked on at his camp because the kid he was talking to couldn’t grab net on an 8 foot rim anyway.

He seriously looked 6.

So LeBron, Nike, Kobe, Jordan Crawford, and ESPN all need to chill on this.

It wasn’t amazing, it was just overhyped before the video leaked.

Apparently Jordan played for Indiana, although everything else says he plays for Xavier. I didn't look  into his college life at all because i feel like that's an invasion of privacy and its his life. He can do as he pleases

Apparently Jordan played for Indiana, although everything else says he plays for Xavier. I didn't look into his college life at all because i feel like that's an invasion of privacy and its his life. He can do as he pleases

long caption,

but its necessary.


weirdddddddddd picture, all those sayings make 0 sense

weirdddddddddd picture, all those sayings make 0 sense

Was LeBron James made in a Nike sweatshop?

My guess, along with the odds, is yes!


Cleveland doesn’t think they’re good enough

May 25, 2009

I found a nice video on espn about how good the Cleveland area thinks their teams are.

Even the newscasters have doubt in their beloved Cavaliers.

They even throw out phrases like “we’ll get them next year”

“I’m cancelling my sports illustrated”

and then after they show us some weather, which looks just awful until the upcoming friday, the sports guy goes crazy because he’s obviously watching the game on a tv off to the side.

Remember, this is the game LeBrawn hits a 3 to win with 1 second on the game clock.

He couldn’t care less about the weather.

How rude.

And then after last night’s game, the people probably doubted the cavs even more and assume it’s over after just one loss.

Hopefully they don’t treat baseball the same way.

It’s still a 7 game series folks, don’t give up yet.

Btdubz, Syracuse plays Cornell at 12 central time on espn.

Watch it, and watch my boys tear up the little red.

End of Year Awards/ Playoffs

April 16, 2009

I’m gonna do a mondo combo blog on the important end of year awards and playoff predictions.

I’ll start with the important one.

Most Improved Player.

the MIP

Although kevin durant was good last year, he does it all this year.

steal, blocks, scores, assists, and scores on the oklahoma city thunder warnings.

only other competitior is devin harris

went from a decent player to a franchise guard.

Devin Franchise.

it works

Coach of the Year:

Mike Brown?


watching lebrawn do what he do must be sooooo rough.

i’m sorry, do you want me to fan you or anything else while you wait?

how about a coach that did something

Rick Adelman.

took a potential trash team that traded their starting pg and lost tracy mcgrady and his lazy eye.

and they still made the 5 seed and have a great chance of upsetting portland.

but they won’t

Defensive player of the Year:

Dwight howard?


Chris “the Birdman” Andersen?


2.5 blocks a game, and isn’t inconsistent like howard, who either gets 7 or 0

birdman gets 2.5 every night

and how does he get half a block?

don’t worry about it.

6th man

jason terry

it was basically a race to try and talk to terry at the award ceremony as the 2nd man.

2nd? how about TO

travis outlaw.


Derrick Rose is an attractive pick, but not attractive looking.

Brook Lopez is an ugly ogre.

OJ Mayo and Russell Westbrook are beasts, but not quite leaders.

and Eric Gordon only scores.

Derrick by a shaved hair over oj.

If you have a foam finger in this picture, you're ugly. Sorry

If you have a foam finger in this picture, you're ugly. Sorry

and now to the mv3

sorry, mvp

if you want my pick, its d-wade

if u want america’s biased pick, its bron bron

no dis to bronny, but again,

you know how i feel about this.

Now to the playoffs:

Lakers vs. Utah.

Boy do i want utah to win, but lakers are too good.

lakeshow in 6.

Denver vs hornets.

Denver is pretty good, but c-piddy is a beest.

Denver in 7.

San Antone vs Dallas.


dallas in 7.

Portland vs houston

basically a toss-up, i say portland cuz i love brandon roy.

Lakers vs portland

lakers in 4.

dallas vs denver

denver in 5

and then denver beats the lakers in 7 to get to the finals.

now to the east.

cleveland in 4.

doesn’t matter who they play

boston scrapes by chicago, in 6.

orlando beats philly in 6.

Miami Dwyane Wade’s win over atlanta in 6.

i love atlanta, but i think d-wade carries them.

bron vs wade is a great matchup

but bron and his real team wins in 5.

boston loses to orlando because of dwight in 7.

cleveland takes out dwight and the mag in 5.

cleveland vs denver

nobody picked it but me

i like denver and the way they play, but they just can’t get cold.

cleveland in 7.

classic series

and bron and melo duel it out so it’ll be tight.

good job bronny

Dwyane Wade

April 13, 2009


I’m diggin’ that catch phrase sent out by Miami on those shirts.

What i would do for one of those.

D-wade dropped 55, had 9 rebs and made sure his team won.

He had half as many as the knicks combined.

And that’s saying something considering they have Danilo Gallinari and Nate “The Great” Robinson.

We all know LeBrawn has been turrin’ up the NBA.

But Dwyane is seriously the Miami Heat.

From now on, it is Dwyane Wade versus the opponent.

They play the hawks in the first round, and as much as i love all of them, i think D-wade will win the first round matchup.

In the second round Dwyane Wade will play LeBrawn and the Cavs.

Now i said LeBrawn and the Cavs because if LeBrawn wasn’t on the cavs, they’d be a mediocre team.

If Wade wasn’t on the heat, they’d be worse than the kings, who locked up the worst record in the whole NBA.

If one player can make that kind of an impact, why should he not be MVP.

We all know Bronbron will win multiple MVP’s so why don’t we keep up the “maybe next year mantra” and give Flash the MVP this year.

If he gets it this year, we can give it to Bron for the next 50 years.

It’s all fine with me, as long as the true deserving candidate wins this year.

Dwyane Wade in 09.




Kobe can see D-wade and really wants to give him the MVP as long as bron doesn’t get it.

Kobe knows he’s out of the race, and he despises lebron so he wants to make sure bronny boy doesn’t get it.

Lebron is too busy lookin for more baby powder to throw up before his next game.

I actually asked a guy that works right by the dust area in cleveland, and he said that one guy got sick from ingesting too much of the powder that was thrown up and got some in his eye.

Poor kid,

so bron, stop throwing dust so you have something everyone can recognize you as, and accept the earlier wager for losing it this year and getting it the next 50.

Kobe, learn to be a good sport and push bron out of the race so wade can get it.

thanks gang.

Manu is Gone-u

April 8, 2009

Manu Ginobli.


Best words to ever be uttered by anything but a cow.

Get it? Cows have utters.

But it’s not good because a person is hurt, it’s good because a spur is hurt.

Essentially, when you go to the spurs, you lose your soul.

So then, you aren’t a person, and i can be happy that you are hurt.

So there you have it, spurs aren’t human, and now they can’t make it past the 2nd round, if they even make it through the first.

I am going to go on a limb and say they won’t make the playoffs.

And yes, you’re going to ask “hey didn’t they clinch a spot and are currently at the 2 or 3 seed? There’s no way they can get out!!”

But david stern will say that they are a now even more boring team with out Girl-u and will automatically put Charlotte in their spot.

Isn’t charlotte in the east?

Yeah, but aren’t the grizzlies in memphis, which is further east than cleveland?

Aren’t the raptors in a totally different country?

Aren’t the OKC Thunder gonna be amazing in a year or two with the possibility of getting Blizzy Blake Griffin?

All yesses(whoaaaaaa new word).

Charlotte will be the 2 seed, and with the power of Gerald Wallace, they will make it to the finals against cleveland, and then it doesn’t matter who wins, i will be happy.

Why Spurs?? Why have you taken my soul?

Why Spurs?? Why have you taken my soul?

Birdman Daddy

March 30, 2009

pullin up in that brand new caddy.

Sorry, just finished off the line because i had to.

Now this is not the rapper birdman, although this birdman could definitely rap very very well.

This is the birdman that has jumped around (literally) from new orleans to denver.

I see you LeBrawn.

I see you LeBrawn.

I have no clue why anyone would drop this guy.

Denver is lucky to have him, no matter how they did get him.

He is a block machine, has swag, and can even put in points on sweet dunks on offense.

This. Is. The. Birdman.

notice the wings on his inner biceps.

notice the wings on his inner biceps.

I just had to full-size that mug.

It’s a wonder to look at, and it makes me want to be him.

In the game against Dallas friday night, he had 3 blocks on ONE POSESSION.

One was a good one, the second one was just batted because wright just tossed it up 3 feet to the left of the basket, and the third was another good one on a drive.

The second one shouldn’t have  been swatted, and maybe grabbed by the Birdman.

But instead, his swag instinct got “in the way” and knew that if he swatted that one, he would get a chance to swat the third one.

After the third swat, his team got a fastbreak.

He even hurt himself after the first block, and used it as a diversion to swat the last 2 shots.

He’s even a genius.

He’s a dunk contest contestant.

Anyone that even gets in the contest gets my attention.

And the swag-tastic swat he had on Rudy Fernandez that led to his “My Dougie” celebration cemented him as a legend in we like sportz history.

So as a future fantasy superstar, a swag leader like Eric Devendorf, and a force inside on both sides of the court leads him to the top of the pack of centers next season.

Even over D-wight Howard.

Sorry d, but how can you go against this?

you can't

you can't

You can’t

oops, i said that twice.

Well i meant it twice.

So deal with it sista.

Yes, I’m assuming you’re all girls that read this.


March 24, 2009

The race is obviously between 3 deserving gentlemen.

Maybe two, in my opinion.

The Two?

LeBron and D-wade.

Sorry, Kobe, nobody likes you.

If you weren’t on the lakers, the world would be a better place and they wouldn’t even be that bad.

If LeBron weren’t so amazing, i would feel the same to him.

His team would be about decent without him, but still worse than the lakers.

But in miami, if dwayne wade is not on the team, they’re worse than the OKC Thunder.

Much, much worse.

They’ve got Beasley and an 90 year old Jermaine O’Neal.

Good luck beating the Cal Tech with that team.

If you’re going by statistics, LeBron is easily the favorite and D-wade is close behind.

Kobe knows how to score, and is decent with bounds and dimes.

LeBron and Wade are both tearin up the scene, recently achieving near triple-doubles repeatedly.

Because of the way Wade carries the heat, he should be the MVP.

But the only thing i don’t like about br0n-bron is the state farm commercial where he finds the “crappy” CD at the car accident.

I know he wants the money, but seriously LeBron?

You can’t crack those terrible jokes and pull off those horrid dance moves and expect to gain respect or not lose it.

C’mon LeBron, you can do so much better.

Like the 80 foot shots on the Powerade commercial!

that was greatness.

or the vitaminwater courtroom commercial.

that was even more perfect.

“Besides.. dude’s fakin'”

gets me every time.

Ball, please tell me why i won't be MVP? I even drink Vitaminwater!!

Ball, please tell me why i won't be MVP? I even drink Vitaminwater!!

Dwayne wade, MVP, 2009.

NFL Mock Draft

March 4, 2009

Everyone knows Mel Kiper and his mock draft

well I h8 him a lot so I decided to do my own

seriously mel, you do nothing

you have one job a year

to make a mock draft, and usually it sux

you apparently know nothing about football or a good hairstyle

He heard me hatin' on him

He heard me hatin' on him

back to the main point

here is the real mock draft that will be correct,

no matter what, ill make it work

2009 NFL Draft:

1. Detroit Lions: Trade your pick to the NFL as a whole for at least one win.

You went 0-16 last season, a quarterback does not guarantee a win, but this trade will

Official Picture of the Winless Season

Official Picture of the Winless Season

2. St. Louis Rams: Anyone except the person Mel picked for this one

anything he picked must be wrong so everything else must be right, right?

3. Kansas City Chiefs: Pat White (if he declared) because then you would have 2 great quarterbacks

imagine this: Pat White and Matt Cassell

That would be amazing, an automatic touchdown

so many trick plays the defense would be on its heels the entire game

4. Seattle Seahawks: I would say Michael Crabtree but there are a few problems

  1. Mel Kiper has him here
  2. Seattle just got TJ Whoseyourmomma
  3. The moisture in Seattle would make Crabman’s foot swell due to the fracture
  4. Cowboy’s deserve him

As a result, they should choose Lebron James like in that commercial

He would be a beast

built for every sport, even badminton

I’m bored so thats a rap up on the draft

Good night, and Good Luck

P.S. guess what movie that quote is in and you will earn a name drop in my next blog…

This may help for the Bonus

This may help for the Bonus

❤ Blaine