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So LBJ did get dunked on

July 22, 2009

hahha no not LBJ the president, LBJ the king.

LeBrawn James, that LBJ.

after hearing reports that nike refused to put out the video because it was embarrassing or lebron being afraid of it leaking, a video finally comes out.

And of all places, on

That is the last place you expect something like that to show up on.

Anyway i watched the vid twice and will include it here on the post.t

and to be honest with you, i’m not thoroughly impressed.

yes, jordan did dunk on the lebron james at his own summer camp.

And yes its an accomplishment.

But the dunk itself wasn’t amazing, and neither was lebrons attempt to block it.

LeBron was a help defender on an inbounds play and Jordan “threw down” a two-handed dunk that required little effort.

Don’t get me wrong, props to the kid for the dunk and who was near him on it, but LeBron and Nike shouldn’t throw fits about it because it wasn’t all that embarrassing.

And Kobe shouldn’t poke fun at lebron for being dunked on at his camp because the kid he was talking to couldn’t grab net on an 8 foot rim anyway.

He seriously looked 6.

So LeBron, Nike, Kobe, Jordan Crawford, and ESPN all need to chill on this.

It wasn’t amazing, it was just overhyped before the video leaked.

Apparently Jordan played for Indiana, although everything else says he plays for Xavier. I didn't look  into his college life at all because i feel like that's an invasion of privacy and its his life. He can do as he pleases

Apparently Jordan played for Indiana, although everything else says he plays for Xavier. I didn't look into his college life at all because i feel like that's an invasion of privacy and its his life. He can do as he pleases

long caption,

but its necessary.


weirdddddddddd picture, all those sayings make 0 sense

weirdddddddddd picture, all those sayings make 0 sense

Was LeBron James made in a Nike sweatshop?

My guess, along with the odds, is yes!


The NBA Finals!!1!

June 4, 2009

Tonight, the anticipated NBA Finals begin.

Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Lakers.

There is so much going on, and i’ll break down EVERYTHING that is important.

If its not on here, don’t worry about it.

Speaking of all those Q’s and not worrying about it, the first big topic is Kobe’s inability to get a title without Shaq.

They won 3 together, and Shaq left and won a 4th with Miami.

Kobe got straight up dommed last year in the finals, and is “looking for revenge”.


Apparently winning a title without Shaq isn’t important to him, he just wants another.

Even Shaq twittered on the subject: “I am saying it today and today only, I want kobe bryant to get number four, spread da word.”

That is a direct quote, not me trying to use ebonics over the computer.

So now that Shaq’s pulling for him he’s automatically going to win right?


Kobe ALWAYS tries to do the opposite of what Shaq says.

Shaq says trade me, Kobe says stay in LA.


Shaq says win title, Kobe says i’ll throw it.

Knowing that, Orlando will win the series.

Call your bookies!

2. Jameer Nelson coming back?!?!

He probably will but play scarce minutes, and I don’t think he should come back.

Stan Van Man has said he doesn’t think him coming back will tinker with the chemistry.

He won’t demolish it, but it will change.

Rafer “Reefer” Alston has been playing well and Anthony Johnson has been doing everything a 50-year-old in disguise can. Not to mention Courtney Lee using Rip Hamilton’s old mask to tear up the game.

Throwing another guard in changes the rotation, even for a little.

They get rest, but a guy who hasn’t played in a few months takes their spot.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

Don’t try to fix the Magic.

They’ll repeat next season with Jameer at the point.

Orlando is a pretty streaky team usually, because if the 3-ball is off, they lose.

But almost every game this postseason they have been on.

Can they keep it up?

Why not, it’s a magical run right now. (Get it?)

I love Mickael Pietrus.

He’s an all-around G.

When lil wayne asks what G is, the answer is Mickael Pietrus.

Just look at the name folks!!!!

is he a fan of 30's as well??

is he a fan of 30's as well??

He can even throw punches with the best of them.

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus of France, wears oversized boxing gloves during a film shoot on media day.

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus of France, wears oversized boxing gloves during a film shoot on media day.

How punny, and I even used the exact caption from the picture on the internet.

Go Mag.

P.S. Fun fact, the Magic have beaten the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

If they beat the Fakers they will have beaten three 60-win teams in one postseason, which has never been done before.

History is on their side.

Dwyane Wade

April 13, 2009


I’m diggin’ that catch phrase sent out by Miami on those shirts.

What i would do for one of those.

D-wade dropped 55, had 9 rebs and made sure his team won.

He had half as many as the knicks combined.

And that’s saying something considering they have Danilo Gallinari and Nate “The Great” Robinson.

We all know LeBrawn has been turrin’ up the NBA.

But Dwyane is seriously the Miami Heat.

From now on, it is Dwyane Wade versus the opponent.

They play the hawks in the first round, and as much as i love all of them, i think D-wade will win the first round matchup.

In the second round Dwyane Wade will play LeBrawn and the Cavs.

Now i said LeBrawn and the Cavs because if LeBrawn wasn’t on the cavs, they’d be a mediocre team.

If Wade wasn’t on the heat, they’d be worse than the kings, who locked up the worst record in the whole NBA.

If one player can make that kind of an impact, why should he not be MVP.

We all know Bronbron will win multiple MVP’s so why don’t we keep up the “maybe next year mantra” and give Flash the MVP this year.

If he gets it this year, we can give it to Bron for the next 50 years.

It’s all fine with me, as long as the true deserving candidate wins this year.

Dwyane Wade in 09.




Kobe can see D-wade and really wants to give him the MVP as long as bron doesn’t get it.

Kobe knows he’s out of the race, and he despises lebron so he wants to make sure bronny boy doesn’t get it.

Lebron is too busy lookin for more baby powder to throw up before his next game.

I actually asked a guy that works right by the dust area in cleveland, and he said that one guy got sick from ingesting too much of the powder that was thrown up and got some in his eye.

Poor kid,

so bron, stop throwing dust so you have something everyone can recognize you as, and accept the earlier wager for losing it this year and getting it the next 50.

Kobe, learn to be a good sport and push bron out of the race so wade can get it.

thanks gang.


March 24, 2009

The race is obviously between 3 deserving gentlemen.

Maybe two, in my opinion.

The Two?

LeBron and D-wade.

Sorry, Kobe, nobody likes you.

If you weren’t on the lakers, the world would be a better place and they wouldn’t even be that bad.

If LeBron weren’t so amazing, i would feel the same to him.

His team would be about decent without him, but still worse than the lakers.

But in miami, if dwayne wade is not on the team, they’re worse than the OKC Thunder.

Much, much worse.

They’ve got Beasley and an 90 year old Jermaine O’Neal.

Good luck beating the Cal Tech with that team.

If you’re going by statistics, LeBron is easily the favorite and D-wade is close behind.

Kobe knows how to score, and is decent with bounds and dimes.

LeBron and Wade are both tearin up the scene, recently achieving near triple-doubles repeatedly.

Because of the way Wade carries the heat, he should be the MVP.

But the only thing i don’t like about br0n-bron is the state farm commercial where he finds the “crappy” CD at the car accident.

I know he wants the money, but seriously LeBron?

You can’t crack those terrible jokes and pull off those horrid dance moves and expect to gain respect or not lose it.

C’mon LeBron, you can do so much better.

Like the 80 foot shots on the Powerade commercial!

that was greatness.

or the vitaminwater courtroom commercial.

that was even more perfect.

“Besides.. dude’s fakin'”

gets me every time.

Ball, please tell me why i won't be MVP? I even drink Vitaminwater!!

Ball, please tell me why i won't be MVP? I even drink Vitaminwater!!

Dwayne wade, MVP, 2009.