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Cleveland doesn’t think they’re good enough

May 25, 2009

I found a nice video on espn about how good the Cleveland area thinks their teams are.

Even the newscasters have doubt in their beloved Cavaliers.

They even throw out phrases like “we’ll get them next year”

“I’m cancelling my sports illustrated”

and then after they show us some weather, which looks just awful until the upcoming friday, the sports guy goes crazy because he’s obviously watching the game on a tv off to the side.

Remember, this is the game LeBrawn hits a 3 to win with 1 second on the game clock.

He couldn’t care less about the weather.

How rude.

And then after last night’s game, the people probably doubted the cavs even more and assume it’s over after just one loss.

Hopefully they don’t treat baseball the same way.

It’s still a 7 game series folks, don’t give up yet.

Btdubz, Syracuse plays Cornell at 12 central time on espn.

Watch it, and watch my boys tear up the little red.


Opening Day Starters

April 8, 2009

So baseball season has began, along with the fantasy season that everyone loves.

And many pitchers that were in the Cy Young running were trashed in their first outing.

Tim Lincecum, CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay(to an extent), James Shields, and Brandon Webb.

Last year Cliff Lee and Brandon Webb jumped off to great undefeated starts.

Roy Halladay was consistently beastly all season.

CC picked up the slack after his trade, and Shields picked up around mid-season.

Tim Lincecum was just Tim Lincecum, so he was purely amazing all season.

But this year all of them have ERAs that are off the charts, but mostly because they have had only one bad start.

Don’t fret fans, all of these pitchers, especially the “Say-K Kid” will have stellar seasons.

Not all will be Cy Young seasons, but all will top-tier pitchers as expected.

Fantasy owners: keep them, unless they all go 0-5 or have a 2-2 record with an insanely high ERA.

USA should not worry that Lincecum had one bad outing, he will be back to his goofy windup/dominating self sooner than expected.

He might pitch on 1 day’s rest just to prove it to you ignorant people.

They can only go up from here.

Diggin' the fam Cliff. Keep the bitty in good shape.

Diggin' the fam Cliff. Keep the bitty in good shape.