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There’s a problem in the MLB

May 18, 2009

So not too long ago, i wrote an article about bobby jenkz throwing at ian kinsler, a jew.

And he was only fined $750 for doing so.

Well in a weekend game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and We Can’t Pick One City So We’ll Take Two Angels, John Lackey was the starting pitcher.

And on the first throw, he threw behind the rangers leadoff hitter.

Who just happens to be the same jew that was targeted by Bobby Jenks.

That’s not a big problem, it happens often.

So on the second pitch, Lackey just “happened” to hit Ian.

Targeting Jews in baseball never seemed like a problem, but now it’s ever so present.

Kevin Youkilis should be warned, but nobody would ever hurt him.

It’s only because Ian is so gentle and nice.

So i will personally protect ian for the rest of the season, with my bare fists.

I still don’t think Ian knows the whole world of nazis are coming after him.

Jenks, Lackey, who’s next?

what the hell does this have to do with john lackey?

what the hell does this have to do with john lackey?