Brett Favre Comeback, part deux

As oxymoronical as this title is, it’s nearly true.

Favre has talked to Brad Childress, head coach of the minnesota adrian peterson’s(jk, they also have a defense), and he is interested in joining the team.

To stick it to the packers?

if that’s so he shouldn’t do it.

If he wants to stick it to the packers he should let a-rod (aaron rodgers) start for the pack and see how awful they will be again.

Their high-point is mason crosby, their kicker.

His cousin goes to my school, shoutout to harry.

and greg jennings is prettay good himself, but aaron gets hurt too much.

But if brett does in fact play in minny, he can have a decent season at least.

The weather won’t affect him as much, playing in the dome on turf.

He’ll also have adrian all-day peterson in the backfield to give him some relief.

Along with 2 scrub qbs after him, so no threat of being overthrown.

He will still have to play in chicago and green bay in winter, but it won’t be as stiff competition as the jets had.

Patriots, Steelers.

Even those two teams alone will wear you out.

So brett, don’t come back again.


For your own sake.

You’re ruining your reputation and historical life by doing this crap twice.

If someone wanted you before, you would’ve had a contract offer on the table.

If you retire after every season you play, it’ll get old.

I think he’s just going for attention, like the boy who cried wolf.

He’ll retire so much we don’t believe he’s retiring, and when he does, we’ll be so happy.

So there’s a twist, but still.

Goin  back to the childhood is wuzzup.

"Man, I wish you guys would just pay more attention to me so i don't have to retire every year. I hate you!"

"Man, I wish you guys would just pay more attention to me so i don't have to retire every year. I hate you!"


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