So LBJ did get dunked on

July 22, 2009

hahha no not LBJ the president, LBJ the king.

LeBrawn James, that LBJ.

after hearing reports that nike refused to put out the video because it was embarrassing or lebron being afraid of it leaking, a video finally comes out.

And of all places, on

That is the last place you expect something like that to show up on.

Anyway i watched the vid twice and will include it here on the post.t

and to be honest with you, i’m not thoroughly impressed.

yes, jordan did dunk on the lebron james at his own summer camp.

And yes its an accomplishment.

But the dunk itself wasn’t amazing, and neither was lebrons attempt to block it.

LeBron was a help defender on an inbounds play and Jordan “threw down” a two-handed dunk that required little effort.

Don’t get me wrong, props to the kid for the dunk and who was near him on it, but LeBron and Nike shouldn’t throw fits about it because it wasn’t all that embarrassing.

And Kobe shouldn’t poke fun at lebron for being dunked on at his camp because the kid he was talking to couldn’t grab net on an 8 foot rim anyway.

He seriously looked 6.

So LeBron, Nike, Kobe, Jordan Crawford, and ESPN all need to chill on this.

It wasn’t amazing, it was just overhyped before the video leaked.

Apparently Jordan played for Indiana, although everything else says he plays for Xavier. I didn't look  into his college life at all because i feel like that's an invasion of privacy and its his life. He can do as he pleases

Apparently Jordan played for Indiana, although everything else says he plays for Xavier. I didn't look into his college life at all because i feel like that's an invasion of privacy and its his life. He can do as he pleases

long caption,

but its necessary.


weirdddddddddd picture, all those sayings make 0 sense

weirdddddddddd picture, all those sayings make 0 sense

Was LeBron James made in a Nike sweatshop?

My guess, along with the odds, is yes!


The Raptors just threw away their next season

June 9, 2009

Not like they even had one.

They were 33-49 for the best 3-point shooter in the world last season.

And the best free-throw shooter, and best lincoln high school product.

But they just threw away their best shooter and got another rebounder.

now that they have 3 big me, they’ll be way worse.

And theres nobody on the perimeter for Jose Calderon to pass to.

so they’ll probably win 20-25 games, if they’re lucky.

And then Bosh will leave in the off-season because he’s obviously tired of playing on a trash team.

So they threw away their franchise too.

In the attempt to clear up space for cap room for the super anticipated but won’t be that great 2010 off-season, they threw everything away.

Philly however, wasn’t gonna make a move anyway but now that they have a dangerous shooter on the perimeter for AI and Andre Miller.

And elton brand will stop hurting himself because the legendary Kapono is on his team.

Philly will be about a 4 or 5 seed next season, and will be in the eastern semis or even finals.

Write it down!

That’s my call.

this was the convo where the title A.I. in philly was passed down. How touching

this was the convo where the title A.I. in philly was passed down. How touching

The NBA Finals!!1!

June 4, 2009

Tonight, the anticipated NBA Finals begin.

Orlando Magic vs. Los Angeles Lakers.

There is so much going on, and i’ll break down EVERYTHING that is important.

If its not on here, don’t worry about it.

Speaking of all those Q’s and not worrying about it, the first big topic is Kobe’s inability to get a title without Shaq.

They won 3 together, and Shaq left and won a 4th with Miami.

Kobe got straight up dommed last year in the finals, and is “looking for revenge”.


Apparently winning a title without Shaq isn’t important to him, he just wants another.

Even Shaq twittered on the subject: “I am saying it today and today only, I want kobe bryant to get number four, spread da word.”

That is a direct quote, not me trying to use ebonics over the computer.

So now that Shaq’s pulling for him he’s automatically going to win right?


Kobe ALWAYS tries to do the opposite of what Shaq says.

Shaq says trade me, Kobe says stay in LA.


Shaq says win title, Kobe says i’ll throw it.

Knowing that, Orlando will win the series.

Call your bookies!

2. Jameer Nelson coming back?!?!

He probably will but play scarce minutes, and I don’t think he should come back.

Stan Van Man has said he doesn’t think him coming back will tinker with the chemistry.

He won’t demolish it, but it will change.

Rafer “Reefer” Alston has been playing well and Anthony Johnson has been doing everything a 50-year-old in disguise can. Not to mention Courtney Lee using Rip Hamilton’s old mask to tear up the game.

Throwing another guard in changes the rotation, even for a little.

They get rest, but a guy who hasn’t played in a few months takes their spot.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

Don’t try to fix the Magic.

They’ll repeat next season with Jameer at the point.

Orlando is a pretty streaky team usually, because if the 3-ball is off, they lose.

But almost every game this postseason they have been on.

Can they keep it up?

Why not, it’s a magical run right now. (Get it?)

I love Mickael Pietrus.

He’s an all-around G.

When lil wayne asks what G is, the answer is Mickael Pietrus.

Just look at the name folks!!!!

is he a fan of 30's as well??

is he a fan of 30's as well??

He can even throw punches with the best of them.

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus of France, wears oversized boxing gloves during a film shoot on media day.

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus of France, wears oversized boxing gloves during a film shoot on media day.

How punny, and I even used the exact caption from the picture on the internet.

Go Mag.

P.S. Fun fact, the Magic have beaten the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

If they beat the Fakers they will have beaten three 60-win teams in one postseason, which has never been done before.

History is on their side.

Milton Bradley vs. Umpires

June 2, 2009

Recently the beloved Milton Bradley of the Chicago Cubs has been in the news.

Surprise surprise.

Here, he’s complaining about umpires being out to get him.

“What am I supposed to do? You lead the American League in OPS, and two years in the top three in the league in on-base percentage. All of a sudden now, I come to Chicago and I can’t see the ball no more? I don’t know a strike from a ball?

– Milton

What a glorious quote.

He thinks it began when he argued with one umpire, and the others are plotting against him because he disagreed with their colleague.

Top notch conspiracy theory Milton.

That also coming from the Milton Bradley that struck out on two pitches.


I think he’s trying to go with a “me against the world” mentality, and sure hope it works for him.

I loved him in Texas.

Besides, that mentality has worked for everyone from the 1980 Miracle Team to Britney Spears + Madonna.

Maybe Milton “Monopoly” Bradley should shave his head with Britney.

Or make out with Lou Piniella.

I would NOT pay to see that.

I’d pay to see him write a song with some upires, thats wassup.

all that's missing is milton. The 3 of them could talk it out in close quarters

all that's missing is milton. The 3 of them could talk it out in close quarters

Milton also is the man who tore his ACL arguing with an UMPIRE over a call at first base.

Maybe he is trying to instigate with them.

Whatever, he’s a nut.

That’s why you love him.

Plus he created america’s game, monopoly.


Cleveland doesn’t think they’re good enough

May 25, 2009

I found a nice video on espn about how good the Cleveland area thinks their teams are.

Even the newscasters have doubt in their beloved Cavaliers.

They even throw out phrases like “we’ll get them next year”

“I’m cancelling my sports illustrated”

and then after they show us some weather, which looks just awful until the upcoming friday, the sports guy goes crazy because he’s obviously watching the game on a tv off to the side.

Remember, this is the game LeBrawn hits a 3 to win with 1 second on the game clock.

He couldn’t care less about the weather.

How rude.

And then after last night’s game, the people probably doubted the cavs even more and assume it’s over after just one loss.

Hopefully they don’t treat baseball the same way.

It’s still a 7 game series folks, don’t give up yet.

Btdubz, Syracuse plays Cornell at 12 central time on espn.

Watch it, and watch my boys tear up the little red.

There’s a problem in the MLB

May 18, 2009

So not too long ago, i wrote an article about bobby jenkz throwing at ian kinsler, a jew.

And he was only fined $750 for doing so.

Well in a weekend game against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and We Can’t Pick One City So We’ll Take Two Angels, John Lackey was the starting pitcher.

And on the first throw, he threw behind the rangers leadoff hitter.

Who just happens to be the same jew that was targeted by Bobby Jenks.

That’s not a big problem, it happens often.

So on the second pitch, Lackey just “happened” to hit Ian.

Targeting Jews in baseball never seemed like a problem, but now it’s ever so present.

Kevin Youkilis should be warned, but nobody would ever hurt him.

It’s only because Ian is so gentle and nice.

So i will personally protect ian for the rest of the season, with my bare fists.

I still don’t think Ian knows the whole world of nazis are coming after him.

Jenks, Lackey, who’s next?

what the hell does this have to do with john lackey?

what the hell does this have to do with john lackey?

Celtics vs Magic series

May 13, 2009

This is a pretty good series, and there are many key matchups that determine the series.

I’m here to break down the biggest ones for you.

Don’t thank me, i’m doing it for myself.

Matchup #1

Stephon Marbury vs Anthony Johnson.

The head tat has had it goin on recently, so Starbury has the edge now.

But johnson’s veteran experience, and i mean VETERAN experience, can come through in the clutch in games 6 and 7.

johnson has been in the playoffs 6 times, and 2 of which he played one series.

and he has only been a slight force once.

and starbury had one good game, so this is the key little man matchup in all of the playoffs.

hahahhahahahhahahahaha. what a sweet jersey.

hahahhahahahhahahahaha. what a sweet jersey.

Matchup #2, for the big boys.

Marcin Gortat and Brian Scalabrine.

Both are the definition of big men.

Apparently Gortat is “getting offers from everyone in the leage” says Reggie Miller.

That’s obviously wrong,

i mean have you seen his nose?

nobody wants that nose bringing them down.

But he’s actually played well, so good for him.

Personally, i just straight up down right hate brian scalaweenie.

He looks dumb, shouldn’t wear a headband, and is the big man version of JJ redick(foreshadowing).

His numbers don’t matter because he’s a ginger.

So gortat get’s the nod in this crucial big boy matchup.

This next picture is utterly amazing, like it’ll blow your mind.

oh lord

oh lord


that’s probably the most emphatic no comment ever.

here's the ring that i don't deserve!!!

here's the ring that i don't deserve!!!

and the final matchup: JJ redick vs Eddie House.

I know you’re saying, whoaaaaaaaa welikesportz, those two people are actually good!!

well house is, and jj is ehh.

House is a pure shooter, and i hate his beard with a passion.

jj is pretty much a shooter too, but he has the ability to score on the dribble/layups.

Eddie is afraid of the painted area on the floor and maybe has taken two steps into the arc, not counting cuts.

He actually told doc rivers to not make him run through screens in the paint because he thought he’d get burnt or sucked into it.

Doc referred him to Erick Dampier, who literally sits in the paint for 20 seconds each posession.

They got along poorly.

Bobby Jenks is a nazi

May 12, 2009

So i read today that Bobby Jenks of the chi-sox was fined for a purpose pitch.

and i proceeded to read into it.

Turns out B-jenkz was fined a whopping $750 for throwing behind ian kinsler of the texas rangers.

I know, 750 is a lot to anyone reading this blog, but to people this is about, 750 is like buying an all you can eat buffet at cici’s.

Now i’m craving cici’s!

But here’s the important part.

The pitch was thrown behind ian kinsler.

Ian kinsler, as you all know, is a jew, and not only a jew, but THE BEST jew in baseball.

I stand behind that also, so take that.

Now Jenks admitted that he threw it on purpose in retaliation to all of his teammates getting hit by texas IN THE PAST.

Who does that? I don’t hit you because of something you said a few weeks ago.

Mostly because i can’t cyber-slap you.

But that excuse is total poop.

I know why he threw it.

Because Ian is jewish, and Jenkz is trying to start anti-semitism in the us today.

It is now necessary to make the jump that Jenkz is at least an anti-semitist, and at the most to being a nazi.

Adolf Bobby Jenks.


how clever.

here is ozzie's sign to the mound for jenkz to exterminate the jew. because we only have one that i know of

here is ozzie's sign to the mound for jenkz to exterminate the jew. because we only have one that i know of

The Dallas Gag-ricks

May 11, 2009

First off, it’s not all the refs fault.

Laying it out there now.

Go ahead and close the window, i don’t care.

I already got your hit which is so very important to me.

But if you care to be enlightened, i can tell you why the gags deserve this name.

3 points:

1. Missing free throws in the last minutes of the game.

2. Going away from the offense that worked throughout the third and early fourth.

3. Not playing through the whistle.

4. Dirk can’t jump straight up/poor 3-pointer selection and overall shot selection.

Okk there are 4, but only because the 4th came to mind while i typed the other three.

so to address number one, free throws.

Free throws are the most basic shot in basketball besides a layup.

That is the only shot besides a layup you shoot your whole life.

3 pointers are out of the question when you’re 6.

And they are FREE throws.

No defenders, at your own home court, and the 3 highest percentage shooters on our team miss 3 big ones in the last half of the quarter.

ohhhhhh wahhh only 3 free throws missed.

Wouldn’t you enjoy those extra 3 points now after the game?

How about just one?

Dirk, who shoots about 91%, terry, who shoots near 80%, and j-ho, who shoots 83% all missed free throws when it counted.

Sure, we went 40-49 and shot 81% for the game, but  3 of those misses were in crunch time.

Gotta get those gimmies when you’re given them.

Cool line huh?^^

2. In the third and 4th quarters, we were pouring in points.

Almost every possession resulted in a basket, no matter how many offensive rebounds we got.

we put in 35 points in the third, which was more than the nuggs had in any quarter.

Going into the last 6 minutes of the fourth, we were rollin’.

But then the offense switched from layups, dunks, and free throws to jumpers.

The old maverick curse.

A jumpshooting team is always a jumpshooting team when it’s true identity is revealed.

Pretty philosophical, i must say.

3. I know antoine thought he fouled him, and it looked like he did.

But never stop until the whistle is blown.

You also learn that as a kid.

Maybe you should follow Jon Barry’s advice and let the ref know you’re gonna foul him, and not complain to the ref while your offensive assignment fires up a wide open three.

Just a suggestion.

and 4. Dirk can’t jump straight/poor shot selection.

The second half of this goes with the changing of the offense point.

But a problem i have with Dirk is his unclutchness along with his inability to jump straight upwards on a jumper instead of straight backwards.

Doing this would make the shot much easier, conisdering he’s higher and closer, and require less effort.

He also makes it easier to block if he goes straight back.

If he goes straight up, he might get fouled and even make the shot.

Then he’ll get two points and it doesn’t matter if he chokes at the free throw line.

So tonight the gags go out to remain a little shard of dignity and hopefully not get swept.

So it’s not all the refs fault…

Brett Favre Comeback, part deux

May 7, 2009

As oxymoronical as this title is, it’s nearly true.

Favre has talked to Brad Childress, head coach of the minnesota adrian peterson’s(jk, they also have a defense), and he is interested in joining the team.

To stick it to the packers?

if that’s so he shouldn’t do it.

If he wants to stick it to the packers he should let a-rod (aaron rodgers) start for the pack and see how awful they will be again.

Their high-point is mason crosby, their kicker.

His cousin goes to my school, shoutout to harry.

and greg jennings is prettay good himself, but aaron gets hurt too much.

But if brett does in fact play in minny, he can have a decent season at least.

The weather won’t affect him as much, playing in the dome on turf.

He’ll also have adrian all-day peterson in the backfield to give him some relief.

Along with 2 scrub qbs after him, so no threat of being overthrown.

He will still have to play in chicago and green bay in winter, but it won’t be as stiff competition as the jets had.

Patriots, Steelers.

Even those two teams alone will wear you out.

So brett, don’t come back again.


For your own sake.

You’re ruining your reputation and historical life by doing this crap twice.

If someone wanted you before, you would’ve had a contract offer on the table.

If you retire after every season you play, it’ll get old.

I think he’s just going for attention, like the boy who cried wolf.

He’ll retire so much we don’t believe he’s retiring, and when he does, we’ll be so happy.

So there’s a twist, but still.

Goin  back to the childhood is wuzzup.

"Man, I wish you guys would just pay more attention to me so i don't have to retire every year. I hate you!"

"Man, I wish you guys would just pay more attention to me so i don't have to retire every year. I hate you!"